Exercising.. while Expecting!!

Mamas.. did you/are you exercising while you were/are expecting?

I ask because I did and to me, it was sooo important!

I did everything from regular cardio, to yoga, pilates and barre workouts!

I had an amazing labor and delivery, fast but not TOO fast, I pushed ONCE and Monroe came out and I rebounded so so well post delivery. I don't want to say this is all because of staying fit.. but I firmly believe it totally helped!

What about you Mamas? What's your story?

    I exercised as much as I could, I went hiking almost everyday and went swimming in the summer with my huge belly. I love yoga and pilates and still do them, mostly while baby naps because I have my hands full when she's up. After 37 week of pregnancy I couldn't go for hikes just short walks before my feet would swell. It's great to get as much exercise that you can but also don't push yourself to hard.
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