Nutrition for a Big Kid...

It looks like I'm the only mom that has a bigger kid.. which seems strange.. Cause they're still my babies..but anyway...​

My son who is 9.. is my picky eater.. So lunch is challenging.. and meal is, but I can manage at home with various items..

At school, I do chips and salsa... Black olives.. Plain bread, fruit... Almonds, yogurt, jello..

LOL.. as I write this, I realize how little he gets.. or how little choice I have.. I basically give him healthy snacks and fruits.. He won't eat meat unless it's bacon.. lettuce sandwiches are a favorite.. Man is he weird.

My 6 year old.. easy.. cheese, sandwich, grapes, fishes.. DONE...

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    8Theresa Gould
    I have children ages 16, 14, 13, 11, and 10, so I have big kids.

    We have children who do not like things but thankfully the only picky eater in the house is my husband, who thankfully again, has improved over the years....probably only because I don't always cater to his picky-ness. Why should we all go without just because he doesn't like onions?

    I'd say your son needs to start liking more things......have you grown a garden for him to grow his own veggies? That has made such a difference in our children's outlook on food. Have you ever had him watch any food documentaries? Food documentaries have also helped our kids make healthy food choices, though we are not strict by any means will still eat pizza etc.

    Speaking of pizza, will he eat leftover pizza in his lunch? While I don't care for cold pizza, my children and husband will eat it cold.
      8Theresa Gould
      At least you have the luxury of only having two. I made it a point to tell our children that I was not a restaurant and would not, could not make 8-10 different things or meals to cater to everyone's whims and wants. They always have to try a small amount of new things. Now we rarely try new things so it's easier with meals because everyone eats what they are given.
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