Blurry Days..

Mamas.. what was something that helped you through your newborn blurry days, as I like to call them.. when you nor anyone in the house knew day from night and you were just somehow.. getting by? :) It almost makes me smile thinking about those days.. they seem so long, but they are so short.. such a precious time!

For me? Just sleeping with the babe when I could, sometimes on the couch, nursing at odd hours.. watching reruns of favorite shows.. and having my husband help every step of the way!

    My mom was a life saver when I had my oldest. I was a single parent living with her. When she would get home from work many days she would tell me "Go lay down, I'll let you know if she needs something." so that I could get a nap in. TOTAL life saver!

    With my son I have to admit that my ex husband and I worked very well together as a team. Yes we were both tired, but we paid attention to what each other needed too, not just the baby. If I was super tired he'd take over baby duty, and vice cersa.

    My point is, take the help where you can get it!
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