A phone call from the principal

My mind is just blown right now. Some of you ladies may remember the huge terrible struggle we had last year with my 10 year old son. He got diagnosed with autism last year too, which was part of the issue but honestly it was a bad year. Here's the Facebook status I just put up, because it's really the best way to explain how I feel. And my heart feels like it's going to burst with happiness!

OMG you guys, I actually want to cry right now. Happy, friggin ecstatic tears! Lots of you know that Devin struggled a LOT last year. It was a really rough year. Well his principal just called me and told me he was nominated as the weekly "Principal Pal" for his hard work, positive attitude and great manners. Okay, I'm like choking up typing this, no kidding. She read me a letter his teacher wrote about him and she said things about his hard work, positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor.

THIS is the kid I know, not what we went through last year. I'm just.. wow. All the feels.

    Aw That's so cool! Way to go Bub!
      Go get'um big guy! So exciting (:
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