My son wants a mustache.

He's nine. He told me this morning that he can't wait to grow facial hair so he could look "badass"... I laughed and said well, careful.. it's a fine line between badass and jack***... I didn't say it... but he knew..

NINE.. holy crap.. the other day I was having lunch with a guy friend of mine and we were talking about how we couldn't believe I had a nine year old and he asked me if he started to smell yet... I was like, What??

He said that his sons started to get a little "funky" around 9.. and I told him that we bathe daily and he's super hygienic and he laughed and said, it's not that.. boys just get... stinky.

So. I went home and smelled my son.. And so far all clear.. he still smells like my boy and detangler.. His feet? well.. It's 104 today.. ANd I can't say mine smell great either..

Anyway.. Again.. things I never thought of... And with a boy... ugh...​

    8Theresa Gould
    Cute your son wants a mustache. Ours 10 and 11 haven't wanted one since they were wee little and wanting to mimic my husband shaving.

    My boys stink. As a matter of fact two of my girls started having bad BO at 8. It is a struggle to find an all natural deodorant that works for them. They know all about aluminum and chemicals due to chemical sensitivities of our oldest and refuse to touch any of the other popular brand deodorants, which my husband and I still use because it's the only thing that works for us.

    My husband said he was late getting facial hair. His brother on the other hand had lots of it and could get away with being he gets mistaken for a senior citizen when he goes out to dinner with his family and his mom! True story. He will just be 49 this year.
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