I squished the elephants, mom.

Do you have funny saying in your house that only the people in your house would get? Kind of like private jokes?

When Bub was a little guy he HATED having his ears cleaned out with Q tips. Unfortunately for him, his ears seem to produce a ton of wax. It just wasn't an option not to clean them out and using a cloth wasn't enough.

To get him to hold still I made up a game of "elephants being in your ears" and they were bad ones that needed to be squished. No idea why it was elephants, I totally made this up on the fly. I would get the wax with the Q tip, show it to him and it was supposedly a squished elephant. He thought it was hilarious! So now, even though he knows it is wax he still says "Mom, look at the elephants, gross!" haha.

Do you have little insider things like this?

    My mom used to ask me how many cows I had seen that day...usually when I was upset
      Alyssa Martinez
      yup...KEEP IN DOWN!!! lol from the movie Neighbors
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