Puberty, is it starting earlier?

I have heard many times that people believe that puberty is starting earlier, in girls especially. I just don't know if that is really the case though. Yes, girls are getting breast buds earlier but they are also generally heavier than they were at age 9 and 10 compared to 20 years ago. It's no big surprise that if you are heavier it's going to be everywhere, including the chest area.

And are they starting their periods earlier? From what I have seen with my daughter and her friends they are starting around 12-13, which sounds about the same as when I was in school.

So what do you ladies think, is puberty starting earlier or are we making mountains out of molehills?

    Yes, I think there are a good number getting them earlier, and I think it's from the GMO foods personally. And soy becoming a bigger deal. Soy is a natural estrogen.
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