Feeding time...

Avery is now eleven months old now, (Yay) But feeding has been such a pain in my butt!! She used to sit in her highchair and let me feed her no problem, Now when It comes to eating she started to take the spoon away, so I gave her it and figured maybe she wants to feed her self. she does put the food in her mouth but doesn't give the spoon back. (This has started happening last month) She used to give the spoon back and if I was giving her food she'd open her mouth, now if I don't giver her the spoon she clamps her mouth shut and does not let me in, and if I give her the spoon she throws the food off of it and makes a huge mess EVERYWHERE. She eats good if I am giving her food she can eat with her hands or sharing my food is no problem. I am starting to think she is just getting tired of her stage 2 baby food... She doesn't do it with Stage 3 or any type of my food I give her... I am sure this is just another typical part of having a baby, but do any moms have any suggestions ?

    8Theresa Gould
    I would have to agree with the others. Sounds like a baby food mutiny!
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