HELP - Need Less Hours At Work && More Hours At Home!

First, I'm new with this whole online communication thing with being said.....I'm looking for some moms who has been doing or still doing online home jobs and if they are willing to share with me on your experiences with the job. The reason is that although I like my job, it has been more hours at work and less time with my child. And I am very skeptical about it and just putting money on something without seeing any real progress from any of the sites it's kind sketchy to me.
Any comments or Help would do great for me. Thank You!

    8Theresa Gould
    I would be very leary of a job that requires me to put money down for it.

    I work from home doing several different things and I like what I do as it enables me to be with my children.
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      Thank you Debi, I will check these websites out.
      • Strong Work Ethic
      • Honest and Dependable
      • Self-Motivated
      • Welcomes New Challenges
      • Attentive Listener
      • Quick Learner
      • Foundational Knowledge of Security Practices
      • Career-Oriented Mindset
      • Proficient in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
      • Scheduling
      • Payroll
      • Filing and Scanning papers
      • Computer: Microsoft, Excel, PowerPoints and Emails.
      • Customer Service
      • Income Drops and Invoices
      • Newsletters
      • Two-way communication
      • Input data into computer system using specialist software
      • Answer phones
      • Inventory
      • Booking Appointments
      • Notify guards of work assignments and change of instructions through 2-way radio
      • Dispatch certain units involving incoming communication for emergence and non-emergency assistance
      • Responsible for maintaining effective and efficient communications with outside emergency and law enforcement agencies and the public
      • Answer phones and provide customer service
      • Input data into computer system using specialist software
      • Prepared food according to customer’s preferences and maintained a clean work environment

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        Do not pay to work for someone unless it's something well-trusted like Avon. It's almost always a scam. There are plenty of real jobs out there that won't ask you for a dime.
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