So just a couple of weeks ago I had gotten a call from my brother back home about some really good news. HE'S HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!! O my goodness I'm sooo excited for him because he already has a little girl so this might be his boy. I'm very happy for three reasons. 1. With another baby coming into family will keep extending our family and the more the merry. 2. I get to go shopping for baby clothes! I know you all moms on here know what I'm talking, the excitement of shopping in the baby section with all those cute clothes. And 3. ITS NOT ME FOR A CHANGE THATS PREGO!!! Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the times when I was carrying my two lovely children but it the after process of losing the weight that gets to me. And plus being pregnant multiple times can be a lot on your body and your body needs a lot of time to recover after nine months of carrying and labor. But its still a beautiful thing to me. So everyone cross your fingers for my brother in hopes that its a boy coming. Have a blessed day ladies oxox

    8Theresa Gould
    Congratulations on becoming an auntie again!
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