Feel like I am finally getting some where with something.

I had a schudled phone call with the SSI office in my area today and I think it went pretty good. The lady asked me certain things about me and certain things about Ashley and my SO as well. The lady was very surprised on how good of a job I did with filling out the app. I wanted to make sure I put everything on there that I could including the MRI results that I could understand, to the eeg results, to food stamps, and Early Steps. She also told me that it will take almost 4 months for the main people to look over it and make there decison. My nerves got the best of me too. I got off the phone and threw up because of it. They will let me know by mail within the next couple of months.

Wish me luck that this pulls through.

And thanks again ladies for all the help with the ideas ALL of you have given me. They all have helps a bunch.

    8Theresa Gould
    Glad you are finally getting somewhere. Sorry you threw up though. :(
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