Traveling Abroad

Anyone love to travel? Where is the furthest you have been from home? Have you traveled internationally? Have you traveled with all your kids?

I was a German major/French minor in college, so I studied abroad in both Germany and France. While over in Europe I visited many other countries. It was just amazing. I have traveled quite a bit in the U.S. too, because my husband was in the Navy. I have been to New York, Florida, Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, and the list goes on. I really love traveling, but traveling with two tiny humans is a lot of work! I wish we could travel more, but I am waiting til the kids are older and will be better behaved, not to mention remember it a bit better!

    8Theresa Gould
    We do like to travel. We have been to a handful of states. We just have not had the money to travel since my husband was unemployed the first time six years ago. I am hoping we can do something special for our 25th anniversary...maybe. I have only been to Costa Rica. Hubby has been to Great Britain. He missed the boat to Ireland, literally, so we'd like to go to Scotland (I've never been) and to Ireland.
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