This is beginning to feel real

I went to two prenatals this week. One was for the client due to give birth next. I ended up being late and missed her appointment entirely - it had to have been a really short visit because I was only ten minutes late due to getting two phone calls right before I had to leave. I still got to meet her since she had not left yet.

Then there was a VBAC consult, which seemed to go well. The last appointment was a normal prenatal appointment. I was able to take a pulse and practice taking blood pressure.

The reason this is all beginning to feel real is our midwife is requiring us to get a temporary permit in a neighboring state so we can assist at births. There are a couple of requirements I have to meet: 5 births, CPR class (for a provider) and Neonatal Resuscitation. I have one more birth to meet the five and I need to take a class in the other two. Looks like I will be downloading my NARM packet here very soon to start keeping track of observed births, officially establish myself as a midwifery student with an organization and to get ready to start keeping track of skills learned.

We have a workshop in October and our midwife invited us to a midwifery meeting at her house this month, because she says she can, which I thought was funny!

Nerve wrecking and exciting all rolled into one.

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