My family will be arriving this evening!

Today is the day! My aunt and grandmom will be here this evening. Im excited and so are my boys. There is a circus in town so they will be going to that. My daughter isnt too excited..everyone is old and boring to her lol. The boys have football practice tomorrow, so they will be excited to see them. And finally..Makaylas birthday! She still hasnt told me what she wants to do special so we will see..uhh 10-11 is such a tough age!

Alyssa MartinezNew Port Richey, Florida
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    Alyssa Martinez
    My grandmom pretty much raised me. My mom was a single mom who worked from 6am and didnt get home until 6pm. So I was at my grandparents all the time..My grandmom is like my best friend..I could hang with her every day lol but my kids dont understand.
      8Theresa Gould
      Yay! Hope you have a wonderful visit!
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