Baby Hair!

A funny post here Mamas.. but do you style your baby's hair?

I feel funny saying I do and I love it, but I do! Monroe has this darling blonde baby fuzz, I call it.. baby chick fuzz (like a duckling!) and I love to style it already! Sometimes I hate seeing babies out n about and they have such cuuute hair, but no one did anything with it.. ha!

What about you?

    Ha. Eva won't even let me mess with her hair most days. I have been trying to keep a little head band or something in Grace's hair.
      Melissa Middleton
      Jonah does not have much, but what he does have, I come it to the side so he looks like a little preppy school boy. Lol Jaina won't let me do ribbons and/or pigtails anymore. It breaks my heart.
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