So I am planning to put into next month's budget a new camera for myself. Mine has bit the dust and i rely on my cell phone to take pictures, which is not that great of an idea. I'm tired of my Ebay pictures not coming out well, not getting great pics of the kids... it's just time for a new camera.

Do you ladies have any suggestions? I have been a Canon fan for many years so that's what I am leaning towards. I'm open to suggestion of course. I'd like to stay under $300 if possible.

    I know nothing. lol. I got a Kodak easyshare 5 years ago for $60. It works great for close ups and things within a reasonable distance (400 yards or so).. not so great at landscape photos if you are far, far away lol.
    I can understand that. I wouldn't get another Kodak if this one dies, but it works for snapshots and was great on my budget. Check Shopko for sales, my sister has bough professional cameras for 60% off from them before. I think Nokia is supposed to be a good brand.
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