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We are switching up the way we eat. I've known the we needed a change for a while now. Our grocery bill was too high, we're never excited to cook, and my husband (who has a very sensitive stomach) was constantly having digestive issues. All this made me want to reevaluate how we cook/shop but it was the movie "forks over knives" that pointed me in the right direction.

We're switching to a plant based diet. Not vegetarian, just plant/grain focused. We can still eat meats, eggs, dairy, etc. but it shouldn't be more then about 5% of out diet. If you watch the movie it does a great job explaining all the health benefits of this, so I won't explain it here.

Now, this diet is recommended after several american studies that included one of nearly 100,000 people in china. They essentially proved the asian diet (which is very plant focused) had amazing benefits.

So we're going to get in touch with my husbands heritage and try to shop/cook/eat the korean way. It's not all going to be korean food, but we are basing it on their system.

Koreans eat family style and base their meals on a number of side dishes called panchan. These are almost always vegetable based. A standard meal for a family would be a cup of rice for each person, 3-4 panchan to share, and a soup or stew to share. If your up for it you may also add a noodle/meat/fish dish to share as well. Most dishes are primarily vegetable based with meats used more for flavoring then substance.

You cook in bulk, making 2-3 panchan per week that will last as long a several weeks sometimes. These are used in various combinations at every meal. Soups can be made ahead as well. Main dishes are cooked as needed. So really, I'll do a lot of cooking once a week plus small cooking every so often during the week. That solves my not-so-excited-to-cook problem.

Grains and veggies are much cheaper then meat and dairy so our grocery bill should shrink. Especially since we'll be buying in bulk and using pickling/freezing to make it all last. Problem two solved.

My husband never gets sick from korean food. Even with all the spice he feels awesome! So I think cutting excess meat and dairy from our diet will really help his overall health. We're not looking to lose weight, just be healthier. Problem 3 solved!

We're starting next week. It's a different shopping system then I'm used to so I'm trying to figure it all out. Otherwise I'm excited! Wish us luck!

    I wish my husband would let me do this. It sounds so yummy and so much healthier!
    He loves that kind of food...I might be able to get away with doing it part time :-)
      8Theresa Gould
      Sounds like a good change. I will be interested in knowing how much you cut your grocery bill down.
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