Does your child have a cell phone?

Moms with older kiddos, do they have cell phones?

My daughter is 16 and yes, she has one. She is involved in many activities and this is the best way for us to keep in touch.

My son is ten and does not have one. He has no need for one and he's like me, he hates talking on the phone!

    9Michelle Fritch
    Emily is 15 and has one, Jordan is 13 and he has one as well, as long as they can keep their grades up I told them they could have one, but if their grades start slipping I take the phone away. So far I haven't had to take them away and I don't think they've been a problem, Emily gets carried away and loves to text to her cousin's but other than that they aren't a problem.
      Michael junior does because he's responsible enough.
      Alexis does now because her boyfriend pays for it however we won't get her one because she's irresponsible and doesn't take care of things.
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