really chilly outside today

good afternoon ladies and mommas. Just thinking about doing a chicken stew or a caldo like we say in Spanish in my house. Looking for some awesome recipes to let my man know how special he is ..He is gonna be working seven days this week and since I feel better I wanna cook him up some chicken stew or caldo. Does any one have a great recipe they just love . Usually I make mine with jalapenos or red chillies but I am open for new things and ideas today.???????

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm thinking chili, baked beans for weekend meals. I still have to figure out tonight's meal but chicken sounds good and there's still time for it to thaw a little and be baked. I only have whole chicken so we will just do plain old baked, with mashed or baked potatoes and veggies.

    We do not use a lot of jalapenos or chillies, unless it is in salsa.
    My husband doesn't care what I cook but he has to have a fresh salsa daily beside his plate.
    ow wow thank you Melissa No it does not matter I thank the lord daily that I have a man who will try it first before he says no he doesn't like it. For the most part I cook mostly Mexican food and put in a few times a week whatever I think sounds really good on that day.
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