Barbies toys and Dolls

As an interracial family I pick some African American, Mexican, or mix dolls for my daughter , because I want her to know about her cultures and have an collection in history time. Ivy have 2 white dolls 3 African American and 1 Mexican dolls. When I went to McDonald's to get her an happy meal, I was criticize, because I was only picking her race of two parents. Moms and Dad was talking behind my back in Spanish, sign language, and English. I grew up playing with white dolls, because during that time they did not had cultures dolls and now they do I just want having to get to know her culture, by speaking Spanish and English. But when Ivy goes to school I want her do play with all different races to know their family tree and culture just like me as I was younger, because I do not want her to be friends just with her skin colors of her parents I want her to experiences new friends with different religious and culture.

What do you Moms think I was wrong to be picky about dolls, because I don't know need answers?

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      I don't think you were wrong. I think it's good she places with different colored dolls. Learning is good.
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