Oh the joys of potty training. For my daughter, it's been very difficult. I've tried several techniques, but all in all it's the child who decides. After two years we have our 3 1/2 year old daughter almost completely out of pull ups! I'm so excited. It's been difficult buying diapers for all three.
The first time we started potty training before my first son was born, she was 20 months old and doing well! After he came home from hospital. She wanted to be a baby and didn't want anything to do with her brother. We tried to pick up few months later, but.. lets just say it didn't go well.
We bought a dry erase potty chart (which my son loves and may work on him), candy (treat)... nothing seemed to be working - she wanted to be a baby with her brothers. Finally I came across a blog and hopefully I pinned it - the mom had stated that they bought "Potty Power" for their child and it WORKED! When nothing else would. I had extra money - Ebay had it for 10 with shipping. I thought.. Let this PLEASE be the answer! Popped it in and sure enough - She is a BIG KID! We may be watching this more than once a day.
Awesome right? Well now my oldest son is now wanting to be potty trained and not tall enough to stand at the toilet. I was not prepared to potty train two. Ah! It's a "life's bleachable moments" around here, let me tell you. Keeping strong and laughing along the way.

Tips on potty training a boy and girl at the same time?

Enjoy your weekend!

Danielle KeltnerColumbia, Kentucky
    Uhm...lots of paper towels to clean up messes? lol oh my that is a great undertaking...two at once! But at least you hopefully will have two potty trained. I know for my son the best thing I have done is have him go potty with Daddy whenever possible, but I'm like you and sort of in the middle of it all.
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