No presents for Christmas?

Okay well maybe not NO presents, but very few. I'm thinking about doing this and instead taking a trip with the kiddos. I found a great place that is relatively inexpensive, so most of my costs would be gas and food, plus whatever amusements we need to pay for.

What do you ladies think? Is this a fun idea of will it take away form the spirit of Christmas? The place I want to take them to is at the beach and the hotel has an indoor pool and lazy river. It's also close to a theme park. And the rooms are wicked cheap because of some points thing a family member has.

Decisions, decisions.

    I'd go for it! I bet they'll love it and it's not like they're getting nothing just getting a big trip along with a few presents.
      I think experiences are worth way more than "stuff!" A trip sounds like so much more fun.
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