My husband in the delivery room

I would like him in the room while I bring our most awesome creation into the world, and I would like him to hold our little one with me for the first time. We are both worried about the fact that he gets light headed when he sees a bloody nose on TV. Any ideas?

    My husband is like that. We had a c-section an he sat in a chair faced towards my face and just never looked the other direction. If you tell the doctors and nursing staff up front that he may not want to cut the chord or see anything they are normally really good about not pressuring dad into it.
      dont worry mine was like that too when my son was born he will be fine ...cheer up....have him place a chair near by just incase he feels like fainting...take some sour candy ...and good luck ....he won't be seeing any blood trust me he will be more focused on u
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