My apologize

I have not update in past few weeks as it has been hectic for me and my family. Many things have happened in a month that I could not follow on any of yours updates and etc.

My grandma recently passed away and I had to figure out how to make the trip to the funeral and etc.. At same time, I had to create a menu for the whole month (September) and clean the house before we are gone for the trip.

I had to cram everything in a week before we can go to meet my family for the funeral. After the funeral, my son got to meet his new cousin which both of them were born in the same year. :-) They're EXACT 5 months apart. No kidding! On other hand, the funeral was so BEAUTIFUL and very emotional for everyone. I am glad that my grandma finally can rest in peace and reunite with her husband, who died right before I was born.

While we were at funeral and I managed to create a menu for 2 weeks of the month. I have to admit that it is so hard to think about food for a month because I want to match the menu with the weather.. I do not want to cook very hot meal on the hot day or very cold meal on the cold day. My home area is unpredictable and we called "bipolar Rochester" because the weather almost always, always change suddenly!! It is very challenge and hope I make it with all ideas for the month *prays*

During that weekend, my son also is teething.. He was being very clingy and very cuddly all the times due to his teeth were coming in. His upper molars and canines came in and are still growing. His lower molars haven't come in just yet. His incisors came in and are still growing.. His teeth just came in at almost same time. It must be painful and crazy for him to deal as he is only almost 15 months old. Poor little guy and he is my little brave boy. :-)

I hope you guys are doing well. Any news to share :-) I will try my best to keep up with you guys.

    Oh my gosh, it sounds like you have been mega-busy! I am sorry to hear about your grandma... :( Thanks for stopping by, glad to hear from you.
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