Mommy shower time

So tonight everybody is out of the house watching the Fight, so that leaves me here with my daughter. I spend maybe an hour with my colicky baby trying to get her to eat and go to sleep. Finally it was a success. So now I haven't showered yet, but no body is home to stay with the baby and I don't have a baby monitor..... Let's just say I too the fastest shower of my life. When I came back she was in the same position I left her in and still sound asleep!! But boy was I nervous!!! My shower hd to have lasted at least 5 mins... And that's fast for me!!

How so single mommys do it???

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      I gave my self sponge baths and cleaned myself when I give my daughter a bath, I have to wait till my husband is home to watch her for me. if you have a play pen or bassinet that fits in the bathroom you could do that too.
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