I'm honestly so frustrated and annoyed at my father in law and my husband step mother. They are trying to pressure me in to having an other kid. First off they make fun of me every chance i get for having to have an emergency csection with Molly last year because "ohhh his step mothers daughter in law pushed out a 9 lb baby girl all on her own" yes but do they also know that the baby had a broken collar bone from being pushed out when they should have done a csection. i am friends with the step mothers daughter in law and she said she asked for the csection but the doc told her to keep pushing. yet im considered a whimp and made fun of daily for having to have an emergency csection with molly. they are pressuring us an saying everyone else is having kids back to back you need to now also umm hello no if you want to pay for everything then you go right ahead but we enjoy the one on one time with have with our molly right now. when shes' 3 and potty trained and in preschool for half a day then maybe we'll think about it but it shouldn't be anyone elses buisness but ours and they say something every day. ugh... just ready for them to leave us a lone would love to divorce my inlaws and keep my husband. lol.

    That sounds so frustrating... I would have to tell them to leave me alone about it. Perhaps they do not realize how disrespectful they are being.
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