Wishing I could be sitting here with my 2 best friends hamming it up quoting disney movies as they play out and just enjoying some girl time it's been far too long for me.

    a least you have friends. Mine move away. Or have a cousin who was like a sister who since she starting dating she ignores calls. Her best friend even is kinda tired of her. Is nkt the guys that are at fault it is her. She thinks we are against her dating... No its who the guys are sometimes.. one guy was a creep another was a pastor and toom something from her that she can never get back.... then lies to her about moving. If he would ever try to get back in her life. This " big sister" would beat the tar out of him. Even if I was prego... ok maybe not but tell him off big time.....
      Melissa Middleton
      My best-friend is my sister but she lives over 2500 miles away. I hope someday she and I live closer. All of the "friends" I thought I had pretty much deserted me when I got married--they were single so thought I should be, too. And even more left when I became a mom. Apparently, motherhood is not "cool." Lol

      And, I'm glad you have best buds to hang with. :) It's a treasured thing.
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