Finally found a place for now

Some of you know that I moved from CA back to VA where I'm from a few months ago. Well, we finally found a place to stay that's closer to hubby's new job (about an hour closer, his commute will be much easier.) So... We have been moving like crazy! Thankfully, since it's just an hour away we can just take multiple trips in our vehicles instead of having to hire people with a big truck again.

It wasn't exactly what we intended--we wanted to buy. But, we've not found anything that really fits us yet. So, we're going to get this place for cheap and just keeping saving for now. I will be SO happy to finally unpack part of our stuff. We've been living out of boxes for months, ever since we've been here and before we even left Cali because I packed early thinking he was going to get out of the military sooner.

I am happy to finally have a bit of space after this and maybe I chance to take a nice long bath and a breather!

    That's great you found a place! And for cheap! Nice! Enjoy it.

    I am preparing to move myself. Will be driving from Boston to Cali. Loong drive but will be fun :) Take lot's of pics!
    Yes, that's going to be a crazy long drive! Are you going to take a northern route or a southern route? Arizona is cool as all heck on Route 66, if you're down that way. :D
    Not sure. My fiance knows the way. Southern, I think though.. Can't wait to take lot's of pics!! I'd love to hit route 66!
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