Fall date night?

Gotta keep the romance alive to get a bun in the oven!

What are some good fall date nights? I think sitting by a fire, cuddling and looking at the stars sounds nice...

Or a nice long hike on a trail when the leaves are changing.

What about you?

    Walk along the beach and look at the stars at night there. I love hiking and making a bonfire too.
      Melissa Middleton
      We have not been on a date in over eight months. So sad, so sad, I know.
      Us either! Going on 11 months and we got married and took our baby with us on vacation...
        Yes, take a nice drive to New Hampshire (LOVE Fall), nice walk, sit by the beach, fire, sing while my fiance plays guitar, snuggle up to a movie, bubble bath or shower! ♥
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