If you or your husband were unfaithful in your marriage do you think you would both want to work it out?

I was reading an article earlier about why people stay who have been cheated on. The only one that I could relate to was "Because I loved them."

Some of the other reasons were so sad, like not wanting to be single and not wanting to look like a failure.

Would cheating be a deal breaker in your relationship?

    Melissa Middleton
    I would leave because then the bond of trust would be broken and the marriage would not longer be pure as it was before. I believe cheating, lying, and abuse (among other things) taints a marriage. But, when one does not honor his/her vows, the marriage is no longer meaningful and is broken. And, you will be worrying the entire time, "Is he/she still having an affair?" "What if he/she is still cheating with someone else?" "Where is he/she? He/she should have been home by now." Etc, etc. If someone cheats on their spouse, they obviously did not love him/her. You do not hurt people you love intentionally. My hubby's first marriage was destroyed by his ex-wife's extensive cheating. Even after she cheated on him, he tried to make it work but she continued to lie and be unfaithful. He was hurt by it.

    Cheating on your spouse is not an act of respect nor love.
      I would be crushed! I think that would kill me a little and I would get divorced and move away with my child.
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