That moment when...

...your husbands ex remembers that it is your birthday and you spend the entire afternoon on the phone with the police and being treated horribly...yup...that's what I'm in the middle of. I'm praying it will be over soon, it's making my stomach cramp up really bad...not be good for me or baby.

    Oh gosh, prayers for you.... That sounds insanely annoying. Don't let it stress you and baby out too hard, but I know probably easier said than done.
    Much easier said...but still needs to be done. I think I'm a little calmer now. We are still waiting for one more phone call then I think I'm going to make my husband take me for a walk :-)
    She just likes drama...all because my husband wants to talk to his son. It's just crazy. might be. But I'll never tell! Lol
      8Theresa Gould
      Sorry she causes so much drama for you all. :( Hope in spite of it all you were able to have a happy birthday.
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