Craziest thing you did while pregnant?

When I was pregnant with my daughter I cried when McDonalds got my food order wrong, haha.

When I was pregnant with my son I was so tired I fell down my front steps. Everything was okay, but it was scary!

    Melissa Middleton
    I nearly fell asleep standing up at work when I was pregnant with my son.
    I remember a song came on the radio when he was about a week old, and I began bawling my eyes out and could not stop. It was Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do, I Do It For You." It made me think of my kids and hubby and I lost it. My hormones were still unbalanced. Lol
      I cried in the beginning to everything. Sneezed and peed myself when I was in third trimester, had to go in the store to buy new underwear and pants.
        Oh my gosh!!! I feel like I'm going to be a crier... for the short time I was pregnant even, I was a MESS. Like... holy cow, emotions.
          With my son I put rice on to soak and then went to the movies with my husband (1/2 hour walk away from home)... Half way through the movie I had convinced myself that I put the rice on to boil and started panicking!

          So I leave the movie and try - at 8 months along - to run home because I can see smoke - Im sure of it!!! (It was the fire place of the house behind the theatre)

          So here I am looking like a constipated hippo trying to run up hill and then find the rice, in a bowl on the counter. My husband starts laughing and I go into an absolute melt down.

          The worst part is, my husband remembers this day so clearly and has a little laugh about it too often for my liking!
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