How comfortable are you when it comes to asking for help?

The dishes need to be done. The lawn needs to be raked. Your child is covered in something sticky and could use a bath. You've been holding your pee for ten minutes now while cleaning up said sticky mess before the kids and cat track it through the house.

At what point do you ask for help?

Now add these factors:

You have the flu.
Your s/o is on the computer.
You think your period started so getting to the bathroom is really important.

Are you asking for help yet?
Skype rings and it is your mother in law.



    9Michelle Fritch
    I can ask for help and generally get it but I often don't have the help here to help me. My husband works long and weird hours at work and sometimes it's almost like I'm a single parent but I do know that my husband is there for me and is providing for us so I don't complain at all. One thing us moms are good at is multi tasking and I think I do a pretty good job of it, having nine kids isn't easy but I do have older kids that help out when I ask them to and things come natural to me. If my husband was on the computer and all of these things are going on I would indeed ask him to help.
      I didn't use to ask for help much, but now I do. I get irritated if everything is left to me anymore.
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