An Update on the New Job & a Thank You

So last Thursday was my official first day as a "Front Office Coordinator" for an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. A new field for me since I was in high school working at a dental office, and all I can say is I am sooooooo blessed and so Thankful to be given the opportunity. My professional experience has a history within Real Estate Sales and Management. The surgeon and each team member of the practice are soooo nice and so patient considering my lack of knowledge re: terminology and software system etc. in the filed. I feel so blessed to have this amazing opportunity and to be chosen from others that had experience. I do not want to let them down. I truly admire the level of customer service they offer and how each patient is NOT a number but instead someone truly cared about aside from the wonderful care and expertise of treatment they are given from the Surgeon and his assistants. I'm so elated to learn all I can from them and share with everyone I know that is also interested in learning. They are a new practice although not new in the field just new location and it feels so wonderful to be a part of a growing team. I want to say Thank You to all of you wonderful women for the support you provided me. All of you have truly helped me get through each day with a brighter smile and a stronger mind to move forward just by knowing that you're here. Thank You. I miss my son each day but I thrive on the fact that I am learning so much and can come home and provide him and my husband more than I could before. :) Life is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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