Trying to keep my Faith

Been looking for a job for a while now. My boyfriend has been working two jobs and I want to help him out a little. Feel so useless seeing him take care of everything. Got hired at Kmart last month, but about a week later they found out I was pregnant and let me go. That would have helped out a lot. However, I am keeping my faith and I know God will make a way.Can't wait for my little girl to get here! Any suggestions on how to move the baby a little when they get in your ribs? Every night she likes to sleep right under my ribs and it is painful. Oh well, as long as she's healthy.

    I lived in Colton a few years ago. The job market is tough there. It took me so long to find work. That stinks they let you go. Some of the best workers are pregnant women...we have a lot of reason to work hard.
    I know when my son would get in my ribs I would turn to the opposite side or I would poke him and try and push him away. Lol it rarely worked though. Once he found a comfy spot he would stay there a while.
      8Theresa Gould
      I do not understand how they can fire you for being pregnant? Good luck finding a job! My husband has been unemployed for over a year. He never gets bites after he submits his resume. :(
        I didn't even think it was legal for a place to let a woman go because she's pregnant! I know it happened here too though. No idea about the rib problem.
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