Children should be seen and not heard?

What do you think of this phrase? Is it something that you ever heard growing up? Is it something that you believe as a parent?

I was not taught this growing up, but at the same time when the adults got together to chit chat us kiddos weren't supposed to hang around. We could stop in, say hi or ask for something if we needed it. But hanging around and listening to adult conversation was simply rude.

What do you think ladies?

    my parents never let us talk when adults were near. especially at the dinner table.... it was like our presence would offend people if they knew we were there.... idk.

    but i think kado is a child he is our future and he can talk and make noise all he wants as long as its not loud. because the adults can shove it XD they are the past compared to him LOL idk. but seriously he is a kid and kids will be kids. im not gonna stiffle his learning just because the table next to me wants to eat in utter silence.
      I think they need to be taught to be quiet when adults are talking. If they need something or have a question then they can speak up if nobody else is talking.

      We were always taught to be quiet and sit still, answer questions if asked. Mom used to give us pen an paper so we could write down any questions if we were with family that didn't want us talking and she would answer later. Otherwise we would read a book or be sent outside.
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