Stupid Furnace!

I hate this house! Hate this house! Nothing works and there's spiders EVERYWHERE...ones that I'm allergic to the things won't die! And they jump...

I caved on turning the furnace on when the kids woke up shivering. And the pilot light won't stay lit. At least we got the house warmed up before it pooped out.

Hubby is guessing it needs a new filter. I'll look at it more when he is home. The two year old get scared when she hears noises in the basement. Last year they replaced a bunch of stuff in it and cleaned it.
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    Me too. I'm playing mechanic when Dennis comes home.
      8Theresa Gould
      It is tough when things are in ill repair. Hope you can get it fixed soon.
        Apparently the filter is UNDER the fan instead of beside it in the slot like it's supposed to be. Hopefully I won't have to pay the guy at the hardware store $20 to help me get it out.
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