Today's goal...

Find my dishes! My sweet hubby did the dishes for me all weekend (without me even asking!!!!) and when I went to make dinner last night I couldn't find anything! Lol operation Find My Dishes is in full effect today! Lol

Or he threw them out because he couldn't get then clean fast enough. Lol
Uh oh! Hahahahaha
    Agh!! That drives me crazy lol! We also seem to have Borrowers in our kitchen because our dishes will LITERALLY disappear. Like, we moved. I packed the house. They were no longer in the house... And we don't lend out those dishes if we take food to neighbors. Still, neither of us knows. :S
      8Theresa Gould
      That's funny! That's how I feel when the children do the dishes and that's every day. It's like hide and seek.
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