An updated list of work from home jobs

I know lots of ladies here are looking for companies that hire from home. Katie has an excellent list here:

I am also putting together a list of companies. Still do your own research to see if they would be a good fit for you, but feel free to check them out!

1800 Contacts…

1800 Flowers…

Accolade Support

ACD Direct


Alpine Access AKA Sykes


American Support…



Arise (I have experience with this one, if you have questions feel free to ask)…



Capital One (search for your area)

Century Link…


Convergys (I have experience with this one, ask if you have questions)…

Cox (sometimes, have to keep checking in)

More to come, will complete the list in the comments section and add new ones as I run across them!

    Intuit (I have experience with this one, ask if you want more info)

    Live Ops (I know a little bit about this one, ask if you have questions)


    Quest Diagnostics (This one is highly sought after)

    StarTek (I have experience with this one)


    UHaul (This is a good one from what I hear)

    West (MY first WAH, GREAT for PT hours)
    West is inbound customer service calls. The company that I worked for through them I don't believe contracts through them anymore (ticket sales). They have a bunch of other companies who work through them including a major cable company, a shopping company and an appliance company.

    I have to be vague about the company names due to having signed a non disclosure agreement. Most companies like this will make you sign one, which is no big deal.

    Certain companies through West offer more hours than others and some have schedules pre made for you while others let you pick your own hours. I liked picking my own hours, honestly. You will need to invest in a headset, you can get one for $25 and up on Ebay. I do NOT know if they require a POTS line (plain old telephone line, no frills like caller ID) but when I worked there I was able to use Vonage with no issues.
      Great new list here! Thank you. :D That one you listed... I definitely read "Star Trek" instead of "StarTek" lol! I geeked out for a minute.
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