Clearwater, Florida

This summer we went to Clearwater Beach, FL. It was a blast and we were able to vacation on a small budget.

(1) Hotel- The Sandman Inn-Its a block from the Gulf of Mexico, we paid $75.00 a night!!! The 4th night was free! Very clean hotel, family owned hotel and a nice pool. When you look out of your room there is a beautiful plumeria tree!

(2) Eatings-We normally go grocery shopping and cook ourselves but we do treat one of the nights. There is a cute "beach shanty" right around the corner from the hotel. No Shoes, No Shirt and you STILL get service =) Pretty reasonable too

(3) What to do?- Of course the beach! But when you are visiting for a long period of time you want other things to do. (a) There is a HUGE fleamarket in Clearwater City. (b) Clearware Mall-Theres an ice skating rink inside! (c) shopping-tons of shopping on Clearwater Beach streets

(4) The beach-This is why you are here right? You can rent a "tent cabin" for only $25 for the entire day! Bring you lunch and just sit by the beautiful green and turqouise water. If you go later in the day the price drops! Snorkle in the water and find loads of sand dollars. You may even spot a dolphin or manatee.

(5) NIGHTTIME--Every single day at 6:00pm Clearwater Beach turns into the ultimate night time festival. There are entertainers from Captain Jack Sparrow to the "alien" man. There are tons of vendors on the pier. And the best part its all free! Sure you can tip the entertainers for their awesome preformance or get your hair braided but if you are out of money thats will have a blast. The kids will always remember this place.

You dont have to have a lot of money to vacation here. It is a beautiful place and the people are great! Enjoy and take some pics!

Clearwater, FloridaClearwater, Florida
Alyssa MartinezNew Port Richey, Florida
    This sounds like so much fun! Very reasonable too, how nice! Maybe I need to think about going on a vacation!
      8Theresa Gould
      I haven't been to Clearwater beach since 1993! It was beautiful then. Hubby, my then boyfriend, took me. We didn't stay a long time though. Just a couple of hours.
      Alyssa Martinez
      Im sure a lot has changed since 1993, but i sure do love it there.
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