May be too old for this site:)

Hi Elena,

Thanks for writing. I do have to be honest and up front w/you that my kids are 34 and 32. I have a grandson that is two and a newborn baby girl who is two months old. Obviously I am out of the loop b/c I didn't hear of half of the terminology and the new ways to do things. So I am a happy grandma. I am called GiGi by my grandson who picked it out and I love it. He's so happy and fun to be with. I am very close w/him and I do have a hard time bonding the my granddaughter b/c of how close him and I are. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know:)

Thanks for writing! Tell me also if I am too old, please. I can handle it, LOL

All the best,

    Hi Susie! Welcome! No mom is ever to old for our site. I am sure you have wonderful advice for new moms. I love that your grandson calls you GiGi, that is adorable!
      Welcome, Susie! You're definitely not too old.. a mom is a mom is a mom! Good to meet you. :) I'm not sure about the bonding, but I'm sure some other mamas will.
        Thanks for all of you, the positive ones:) I did get some "Too old" and I have to admit, it really did hurt my feelings. You are all so great and generous with even posting it. Don't think it went unnoticed. I appreciate all of you:) Susie (aka GiGi:)
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