tips for new moms

what tip will u give a new mom who is new??

Mine would be sleep while ur little one. Sleeps.

Relax when you have a moment to yourself its difficult taking care of an infant and if u feel stressed breath in and out a couple of times ...your baby needs you thats why he's crying..

..reasons why babies cry hungry
2. I have a dirty diaper and need changing
3. Im cold or hot
4. His clothes itches
5. Im sleepy I want to be rocked to sleep ..".I want mommy"
6. If all those don't work your child is sick

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    Ever Lopez
    I like all the tips you had giving but most importantly is TAKE A DEEP Breath and just take that one second to focus get yourself together and follow the next step!! Motherhood can be a bit complicated but as long as you find the right routine for you and your little one things will be smooth!! OH If you had try all the above and still crying try to take the temperature or burp he/she, track the times of the bowl movement
    (constipation can be painful)
      8Theresa Gould
      Good thoughts and I agree with sleep when you little one sleeps. I didn't do this consistently until I had my third and had three ages three and under. My grandmother was the one to tell me to sleep when my little ones slept.
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        So true Debi I have gone threw that with my son
          if you are cold your baby is cold, it you are hot your baby is hot. Always keep fever medicine and teething tablets around the house. Stock up on anything and everything you can think of for your little one so you don't always have to drag your little one to the store. also when you bring the baby home, I know its nice to have visitors and people to help you but honestly you will be so tired you will want to be alone. I suggest maybe one person like your mom to come over for a couple of hours to help you wash clothes, make dinner, watch the little one so you can shower, or if you have older kids in school see if she can pick them up for you. if people want to come visit set up a schedule and be strict about it.
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