Crossing fingers it's not strep...

So when I picked Mini up from school I could tell something was wrong. She just seemed grouchy which is totally not like her, usually she's perky and happy. She came home, got in bed and was just kinda laying around.

Then she comes into my room and tells me her throat hurts. I look and it is FLAMING red. I'm like nooooooooooooooooooo.

Knocking on wood it isn't strep.

Anyone else dealing with the change of weather crud?

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      Nooo. No strep. I sure hope not. I'm not dealing with it yet, but I'm afraid me and hubby might this year since we've not been used to any cold for the past half decade. Fingers crossed we don't.

      I hope Mini is all healthy and just has a bit of a sore throat that leaves REALLY soon.
        Oooo I hope it isn't strep! We haven't had a change of weather here was almost 90 today.
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