Cradle or Co Sleep.. When babies FIRST come home!

Mamas.. where did your baby sleep when you FIRST brought them home?

Monroe slept in a mini pack n play.. but hello, he also slept with us :)

    They all started out in a bassinet. Eva was the only one who has gone from the bassinet to our bed.
      My daughter slept in a bassinet and crib, she seemed to sleep longer in the bassinet so we stuck with that until 3 months.Now it's the crib at night, she out grew the bassinet, we also have a pack n play but she just plays in it while i'm washing dishes.
      On some nights when I was really tired and it was cold I just snuggled with her in our bed.
      I had a nurse that encourage it and a nurse that got frustrated... I thanked the one that just let us be, and chewed out the one that got frustrated. In one breath she would tell me I need to do the kangaroo care (skin to skin all the time), in the next breath she would say we couldn't co sleep.. I told her I couldn't do both and if she couldn't make up her mind I would get a different nurse.
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