Do your children think of you as a parent or friend?

I have always heard the saying..dont be a friend to your children. Well I disagree. There are sometimes when your child nees a friend, someone to vent to. I would rather my children come to me with their problems and get the right answer then to some peer and get the wrong answer. I know that I am still the parent and they do also..but I am pretty easy going. If my daughter likes a boy she can come and tell me. As a kid I could not do this with my mom. She would scold me and tell me NOT to look at boys. How do you feel about this?

Alyssa MartinezNew Port Richey, Florida
    Melissa Middleton
    My step-daughter calls me her best-friend but I can also be the stern mother when need be. She tells me about the boys she likes and her Daddy cringes. But, her Daddy wants her to stay his little girl forever. I see myself more as a mother they can confide in and trust rather than a parent/friend.
    I never told my mother about the boys I liked, either.
      I think your kiddos coming to you with boy issues, etc.. is great - but I think MOM needs to always be MOM, personally.. I don't want to be Monroe's bff.. he will make a best friend. I do want him to know he can always come to me with problems.. but you can't turn off being "Mom".. does that make sense? I want him to know I am always MOM, not a friend.. just my opinion!
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