Autism, I believe, is genetic. And science seems to believe it too.

I was really excited to read this article about a huge study of genes in children with autism and other associated disorders. I am crossing my fingers that sometime in my lifetime we find out exactly what the cause is, if even to just put aside the rumors of what other people think may cause it, like vaccines.

But let me back up and tell you why I think autism is genetic. Many of you know my son is on the spectrum, considered high functioning. He has an older half brother on the spectrum too, They were both raised in very different households by different people and they both have this diagnosis.

I'm not an armchair psychologist, but if I had to guess I would say their father is high functioning autistic as well. Mainly because a lot of the mannerisms my son shows are similar to what my ex husband showed. And since my son has been raised primarily away from his father I can't say it's learned behavior.

Here's the article I was reading. What do you think? Should be still be blaming vaccines?…

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