How much whole milk for one year old?

We will be switching to whole milk in a few weeks, along with using up the rest of my freezer stash and I will continue to nurse in the morning and evenings for awhile. What is the recommended amount of whole milk a one year should get each day? I know we should start with half breast milk/have whole milk - how long do you do that for? If I want to use my stash, should I just continue mixing it? Or should I find other ways to use the freezer stash?

    There's lots of uses for breast milk, also i've read that a slow introduction is fine, like you said mixing it with half breast milk and cows milk. Until age 3, children only need 16 ounces of milk a day. Mom can offer both breast and cow's milk if desired, but formula is not necessary. "Just remember that kids don't have to chug their milk like they did their bottles. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to milk include lip swelling, hives, vomiting, or blood in stools. These symptoms will appear shortly after Baby's exposure to milk. If your child is already drinking soy formula or hypoallergenic formula, check with her pediatrician before introducing cow's milk. The good news is most children start to outgrow the allergy by age 2.
    Extra uses for breast milk!
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      We slowly transitioned them, same as the others. Lots of good responses, Jen, great question.
        Thanks for the information everyone!
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