I just don't feel right at all. -_-

The past couple days have me worried. Now mind you I had my period 10-14 of this month, so these sym aren't making any sense to me at all, the day my period stopped I have dealing with sudden sense of throwing up, it goes away while I ignore it, but comes and goes, yesterday started crazy moods and cramps sucky cramps, then last night I experienced an anxiety attack something that I've been on meds before but stopped 5 years ago and haven't had a problem till the other night, it's been on going since.! Then I wake up this morning dealing with one boob/nipple that's having that random ache pain, like I feel like I shoulda had this problem last wk.! I don't know what to think.?

Nikki Hicks
    Nikki Hicks
    it's been years since I've visited a doctor. Lol and this is the first time I've had a recurrence in years.
    Nikki Hicks
    It was a day late, and it was lighter than normal and shorter, but I'm on the Birthcontrol pill, I've been on it for 3 months now.
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