Moms that suck

Harsh title right? The list is kinda funny though and I have to admit, I may have at least at some point fallen into one of these categories. I remember yelling at my neighbors for cussing in earshot of my innocent children.

Now I don't give a shit.

Check out the list, do you know any moms like these?…

Melissa Middleton
Yeah, the after the year month thing can be annoying. I always said about my nieces/nephews: He/she is a year old, year and a half, almost two. I can the month thing slide until they are two, but after that...the age just needs to be stated. 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.
Alyssa Martinez
After 12 months I just said 1 year. lol
    Alyssa Martinez
    HAHA THe "moms" that get me are the "Facebook moms" I love my kids, its all about them, they get what they want, Proud mama, taking pics of them sleeping all together but who took the UHHHH and knowing that their life isnt perfect at all! I wanna punch my fist through the Iphone! lol
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