Suddenly.. he moves!

Mamas.. Monroe is finally on the move! He can scoot backwards, 360* around and now.. does the army crawl! It's sooo cute. But goodness, he is fast too! ha I was in the kitchen putting clean dishes away and he was playing in the living room and boom, I looked and he was almost at the entrance of the kitchen! haha

Any tips for me? We have baby gates where need be.. the outlets are plugged.. he did head for the coffee table today but I scooped him up and put him back with his toys.. ha!

    Wow that's great he's on the move!!
    Selena tries to get into cupboards and drawers, we have locks on most of them. Always keep the toilet seat down and/or bathroom door shut - someone carrying her toy out of the tub as we walked by dropped it in thee, lesson learned lol.
    Yea, I threw it out lol, I just couldn't let her put it in her mouth, yuck. She had another so she didn't notice it but that was around 6 months old, she's starting to remember things now.
      Melissa Middleton
      I know there are covering for edges of coffee tables so they do not smack their little heads. I have seen them before. It is difficult when they are moving about, when your trying to get things accomplished.
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